About Us

We are two food enthusiasts splitting our time between New York and San Francisco. We love parfait breakfasts, quick and healthy homemade lunches, gourmet homecooked dinners, and indulgent dinners out. When we are not eating, you can find us doing economics (hence “peachonomics”), traveling, or planning our next meals.

We love good food: whether it is organic dairy-free coconut milk yogurt or thick cut applewood smoked bacon. As long as it is made with premium, quality ingredients and can be made into delicious dishes, we don’t discriminate 🙂 Behind every great dish are great cooking tools – we love showcasing how they help create the final products. The female half of @peachonomics loves cosmetics and skincare, especially when it comes to pairing the colors (think brown/bronze eyeshadow palette and cheek colors) and/or ingredients (roses, matcha, vitamin C…) with our breakfast spreads. Love sharing great restaurant finds in our cities (NY and SF) and local eats when we travel.