Homemade pitaya bowl

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Remember when Acai bowls were all the rage just last year? Well, its brighter, pinker cousin, pitaya bowls, seem to have taken over. These can now be commonly found at cafes and juice bars. You can also make it by buying frozen pitaya packets from supermarkets, very similar to frozen Acai packs. However, why not make it at home yourself from scratch, at a fraction of the cost?

Pitaya, more commonly known as dragonfruit, can be found in selected supermarkets, produce stores, and most likely in Chinatown. I always buy a couple when I’m in Chinatown (and while I’m there, stock up on other exotic fruits like lychee, papaya, mangosteen and more at really good prices). The pink color is so deep and vibrant that you don’t need a lot to make a pitaya bowl. One pitaya can easily make 3 pitaya bowls.

I simply slice the pitaya in half, scoop out the flesh, puree it in a blender or processor, and freeze it in an ice cube tray. Once frozen, wrap the ice cubes with cling film and you’ve got your many days’ supply of pitaya packets!


To make a pitaya bowl, you need to blend the frozen pitaya with other fruits, because pitaya on its own gives a much deeper color. Frozen bananas are great to add to pitaya bowls. I also add protein powder or collagen to make it extra thick and give it a nutritional boost. You need some liquid to get it blending. Coconut water, almond milk and cashew milk are great, regular milk also works if you’re not vegan.


Now, here come the toppings. After all, these are what makes a pitaya bowl really shine. I like to use granola, fresh fruits (banana coins are great), chopped up nutrition bars, dried coconut chips, and nut butter. Cookies work great too!

One piece of advise is to prep the toppings before assembling, because your smoothie melts fast, especially in summer. So hurry up, throw on the toppings, grab a spoon and dig in!



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