Our top 8 picks from Expo West 2019

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The Natural Products Expo, produced by the New Hope Network, occurs twice a year—one in Anaheim, CA, in March (Expo West) and one in Baltimore in September (Expo East).

This month, we flew to Anaheim and spent two days at Expo West. It was an epic two days fueled with great eats, drinks, as well as the discovery of various new snacks, supplements, beauty and other natural products. Here are the goods that impressed us the most.

Loacker’s Tortina White

I’ve raved about Loacker before, but their Tortina White won gold for Outstanding Baked Good category in the Specialty Food Association’s 2018 sofi™ Award competition. It has white chocolate, crispy wafers and a hazelnut cream filling. It and the original milk chocolate Tortina may just be the best thing I’ve tasted this year, just saying. 

Woodstock Mini Me

These delicious gluten free rice crackers are topped with a strawberry yogurt coating. They contain no artificial dyes or preservatives and are non-gmo and USDA organic. They do come with a warning though: it’s hard not to finish the whole bag in one sitting!

Purely Elizabeth Cauli Hot Cereal

These are grain free, made with freeze dried cauliflower. They come in two flavors: strawberry hazelnut and cinnamon almond. The cauliflower taste is not strong at all, and I love the freeze dried texture: makes it feel like the texture of regular oats!

Sabra Hummus 

I’ve always been a fan of their hummus and guacamole, but their booth this year at Expo West was simply incredible. They set up a hummus eatery – letting people sit by the counter, order from a creative menu of delicious hummus items, and watch the chefs behind the counter work their magic. Absolutely loved this experience!

LIFEAID Beverage Co.

These functional beverages are lightly sparkling (I’m a big fan of their luxuriously fine bubbles as opposed to the bigger bubbles in some carbonated drinks), and contain many good-for-you herbs, vitamins and minerals. I was surprised to find that the Defend flavor tastes like Fanta – there was no taste of turmeric or chamomile – which are some of its ingredients.

Red Rock Deli Chips

As someone that spent time in Australia, I was very excited to see these guys at Expo West. However, they do not have all the flavors available in Australia here in the US. Nevertheless, the Aged Cheddar and Dijon chips are delicious.

Hubert’s Lemonade

They come in quite a few flavors: from your traditional, original lemonade to various berry-infused ones: blueberry, strawberry, blackberry and raspberry. They also make ones flavored with mango, watermelon and peach – these sound super delicious as well but we didn’t get to try them at the Expo.

Sensible Foods Cherry Berry

I’ve tried many freeze dried fruits, but it’s the first time I tried freeze dried cherries. These are delicious!


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