Our Top Five Picks from the 2019 Winter Fancy Food Show

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The Winter Fancy Food Show 2019 took place from Jan 13 – 15 in San Francisco. Happening yearly, the Winter Fancy Food Show organized by the Specialty Food Association is the largest specialty food industry event in North America, with this year’s show featuring 80,000+ specialty foods & beverages from countries around the world. Its summer counterpart is held every June/July in New York City.

We attended the show this winter and sampled specialty foods to our hearts’ content. Here are our top 5 picks from the show that you just can’t miss!

Loacker wafer chocolates

They may be most well-known for their wafer cookies, but did you know that they also make a variety of chocolates, all containing their wafer? I’ve always been a big wafer-in-chocolate person and their chocolate bars and Tortinas are simply amazing!

Petit Pot

These guys are local to the Bay Area. I’ve always loved their pot de creme – the lemon flavor is my top pick. They started making rice pudding, and added a vegan coconut-based rice pudding last year. They launched a lovely mango passionfruit vegan coconut rice pudding at the winter Fancy Food Show this year.

GimMe Snacks

They make Korean-style toasted seaweed sheets in a variety of flavors, but their seaweed thins filled with almond, coconut and/or other flavors are simply moreish!

Dick Taylor Chocolate

The chocolate-maker based in NorCal launched their seasonal creation for Valentine’s Day:  multi-award winning 72% Belize dark chocolate dusted with a mixture of organic freeze dried raspberries and organic vanilla coconut palm sugar.

SnakKing Jensen’s Orchard

I eat a lot of veggie sticks, veggie chips, you name it. I’ve tried the Whole Foods brand, and various ones from Target and Safeway. These ones by SnakKing are delicious and have a firmer texture.

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