Top 5 picks from the 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show

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The Fancy Food Show is an industry trade show, displaying specialty foods ranging from indulgent chocolates and cheeses to natural, organic and gluten free snacks. It happens twice a year, in January in San Francisco and in June/July in New York. It is by far our favorite show, because of the large scale (you’ll need more than 1 whole day to get through all the booths!) and the variety of foods (one cannot survive on gluten free and vegan cheese puffs alone). It’s great to be back this year, to try some old favorites, and discover new products. Here are our top 5 picks from this year’s winter Fancy Food Show.

Isabelle Cookies

They make a variety of sweets from pineapple cakes to chocolate truffles, but our favorite is by far these Amour Dans Les Champs Elysee cookie sandwiches: crunchy buttery sweet cookies, with a delightfully creamy and (cream) cheesy filling. These are not dissimilar to the famous Japanese shiroi koibito cookie sandwiches from Hokkaido – they look the same, but the filling in the Japanese one is more white-chocolate-based, whereas the Isabelle ones have a distinct cream cheese taste. If you’re a cheesecake lover, you’ll really enjoy these Isabelle cookies. Let’s hope they officially launch in the US soon! (Yes, unfortunately these are still only available in Asia at the moment. They are actively looking for distribution channels in the United States.)

Van Leeuwen

They have scoop shops in New York and SoCal, and their pints are sold all over the country. We have been big fans of their earl grey tea ice cream and strawberry ice cream, and were excited to sample their new line of vegan ice cream, featuring oat milk as an ingredient! They do have a very strong coconut flavor, due to the use of coconut cream (in addition to oat milk). We are fans ourselves because we love the taste of sweet coconut cream in ice cream, and do believe that without coconut cream, the ice cream base will not be nearly as creamy (we have tried some vegan ice cream that uses oat milk as the sole cream base and it’s definitely on the icier side).

Terrapin Ridge Farms

They’re known for their delicious bacon jam and various spreads that are fantastic for cheese boards. At this year’s show, they launched a few new products, ,including a delightful ginger wasabi sauce (great for marinating chicken or beef for the grill or stir fry), and an onion blossom horseradish sauce that pairs greatly with a ham and cheese sandwich. The wasabi flavor in the ginger wasabi sauce is prominent, but not overpowering. If you are a horseradish or wasabi fan, this is the sauce for you. It can also be thinned and used as a salad dressing. There are so many options!

Harmless Harvest

They make some tasty and thirst-quenching organic coconut water, and they launched a probiotic drinkable coconut-based drink a few years ago. At this year’s show, they launched a coconut yogurt alternative. Their version is a lovely alternative to the super thick, coconut-cream-like coconut yogurt you may be familiar with. It is a lot thinner and less rich, which makes it a great quick breakfast choice. It is thickened with tapioca starch, which is quite noticeable if you grew up eating a lot of Asian-style sweet puddings.


Chewy’s has been a favorite of ours at the Winter Fancy Food Shows. There is almost nothing better than enjoying one of these buttery rugelachs first thing in the morning with a delicious cup of coffee. They come in several flavors, the original, deep in cinnamon fragrance, raspberry (personal favorite), chocolate, apricot currant & double chocolate-raspberry. They also make Hamentashen, a triangularly shaped shortbread cookie, in various flavors.


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