We are two food enthusiasts¬†splitting our time between New York and San Francisco. We love¬†parfait breakfasts, quick and healthy homemade lunches, gourmet homecooked dinners, and indulgent dinners out. When we are not eating, you can find us doing economics (hence “peachonomics”), traveling, or planning our next meals. We love good food: whether it is organic […]


Peach Aloe Vera Yogurt Waffles

I love waffles. I love having them for breakfast, for dessert, and sometimes for #breakfastfordinner. I love the versatility in the recipe. I can add oats, fruit pieces, chocolate chips, etc. in the batter. I can use milk, coconut milk and/or other liquids for mixing in the batter. And of course, I can go crazy […]

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An easy way to make your food last much longer!

Have you struggled with food going bad quickly in the fridge? Herbs, certain fruits and opened packets of smoked salmon are the worst for me – they always go bad before I get to finish them all. Therefore, I was very excited when FoodSaver reached out to me, and sent me an FM2000 Vacuum Sealing […]

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