Making holiday cooking a little easier with FoodSaver

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The holidays are fast-approaching (where did 2019 go?!) and it’s that time of the year again, where I will prepare countless roasts, baked goods, cheese and charcuterie boards and more. I have previously blogged about FoodSaver’s FM2000 Vacuum Sealing System and how it helped me mealprep and made my lunches stay fresh throughout the week. Guess what? This gadget also comes in handy at holiday times, helping me ensure my ingredients last longer and stay fresher throughout the holiday month(s).

Herbs are things I use much more frequently and heavily during holiday times. There is just something so comforting about adding them to holiday meals, whether it is sprigs of thyme in a chicken or lamb roast, fresh and tender leaves of basil in a basil, tomato and mozzarella mini canape skewers, or in the case of tonight’s dinner: crispy sage to top off a delicious sweet potato gnocchi pasta dish.

I love the chewy, bouncy texture of gnocchi. This time, I picked some frozen sweet potato gnocchi as I thought its bright orange color gets us into the holiday spirit. What’s better to prepare it than in some beautiful French butter and top it with some crispy sage and shaved parmigiano reggiano cheese from Italy! I fell in love with real parmigiano reggiano cheese during my trips to Italy. Did you know that its name has protected designations of origin, and is reserved for cheeses produced in certain Italian provinces under Italian and European law? Much like you cannot call sparkling wine produced outside of the Champagne region champagne! It is expensive to buy good parmigiano reggiano cheese in the US, and I’m grateful that I can seal the block with FoodSaver so it can last longer without getting spoiled.

The same goes for the sage. Herbs wilt quickly in the fridge, and I only needed a few leaves of the entire container of sage. So I vacuum-sealed my leftover sage with FoodSaver as well. It is very simple to operate the machine: simply place the open end of the FoodSaver bag containing the food into the FoodSaver. Close the lid and turn the knob on the side to operate, and press the button which vacuum-seals! The crispy sage adds so much to this gnocchi dish, both in terms of texture and festive colors! To prepare it, just heat up 2 tbsp olive oil in a pan until hot. Drop a couple of sage leaves in, and turn after 5-6 seconds to fry each side to a crisp.

You can buy ready-made FoodSaver bags of different sizes. The FoodSaver FM2000 comes with both a starter bag pack and a starter roll. For the latter, you are free to cut however long/short based on the size of the food you are sealing. All you need to do is to seal one end first to make it into a bag (using the “seal” option of the FoodSaver), then place your food inside, and vacuum seal it.

FoodSaver’s powerful vacuum sealing technology preserves freshness and flavor for months at a time. It keeps food fresh up to 5x longer (compared to ordinary storage methods) and also prevent freezer burn.

FoodSaver is available at Walmart in-store or online with special rollback pricing to $69! The FoodSaver bags have multiple layers that are specifically constructed to block air and prevents freezer burn. I’ll be stocking up on these soon as I’ve been using lots for my holiday cooking activities.

This post is sponsored by FoodSaver. All opinions are my own.



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